Cat Secretariat State instance
S AGC01-Agriculture and Marketing
S AHF01-Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries
S BCW01-Backward Classes Welfare
S CAB01-Chief Ministers Office
S CSO01-Chief Secretarys Office
S EFS01-Environment, Forest, Science and Technology
S EHE01-Human Resources (Higher Education)
S ENE01-Energy, Infrastructure and Investment
S ESE01-Human Resources (School Education)
S FCS01-Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies
S FIN01-Finance
S GAD01-General Administration
S GAD07-Governors Secretariat
S GAD16-Chief Electoral Officer
S HMF01-Health, Medical & Family Welfare
S HOM01-Home
S HOU01-Housing
S ICD01-Water Resources
S INC01-Industries and Commerce
S ITC01-Information Technology, Electronics and Communications
S LAE01-Labour, Employment, Training and Factories
S LAW01-Law
S LEG01-Legislature
S MAU01-Municipal Administration and Urban Development
S MNW01-Minorities Welfare
S PBE01-Public Enterprises
S PLG01-Planning
S PRR01-Panchyat Raj and Rural Development
S RDM01-Disaster Management
S REV01-Revenue
S RTG01-Real Time Governance
S SEI01-Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
S SOW01-Social & Tribal Welfare
S TRB01-Transport, Roads and Buildings
S WDC01-Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens
S YTC01-Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture